Marion Die & Fixture offers Solutions for the Forming & Fabrication Industries

Marion Die & Fixture offers component modeling, hydraulic press systems, custom shears and benders, custom dies, inspection / assembly fixtures, and die servicing.

Customers trust MDF to create solutions that meet tight tolerances and high production rates in multiple industries. 


A member of The Bradbury Group of companies. 

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Marion Die and Fixture

Dies & Products Offered

  • Pierce
  • Emboss
  • Progressive
  • Transfer
  • Draw
  • Perforation
  • Louver
  • Cut-Off
  • Turn-Key Systems
  • Forming
  • Hydraulic Press Systems
  • Accelerator Systems

Marion Die & Fixture Cut Off die

Cut-Off Dies

MDF will create a design based on the best application for the component profile and tonnage constraints.  We build dies to cut c-profiles, u-profiles, w-profiles, hat-profiles, sigma-profiles, z-profiles, tubing, and flat stock. 

Marion Die & Fixture Cutoff Die

Emboss Dies

MDF has perfected emboss profiles for door panels.  We have developed tool designs to create emboss details up to 0.270" deep, depending on material properties. 

Marion Die & Fixture pierce die

Pierce & Lance Dies

MDF has a long history of successful pierce and lance die projects in 30-gauge to 8-gauge applications.  MDF can create custom punches for specific profiles and utilize die button technology for quick maintenance and product change-over capability. 

Marion die & Fixture Progressive die

Progressive Dies

MDF designs are proven to exceed performance expectations in multi-stage progressive dies that pierce, notch, form, and part-off components through multiple die stations.  Designs are centered on balancing force requirements, sized to customer equipment, and providing the best results for formed features. 

Marion Die & Fixture Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Presses

MDF designs and builds custom hydraulic powered presses rated at up to 200 Tons of force.  Hydraulic C-Frame, Bridge, and Toggle presses are all in our design catalogs.  We also offer custom solutions for high-speed hydraulic press applications with output up to 100 SPM at up to 30 Tons of force.  Need a press operation without line stops? – ask about our flying press solutions. 

Marion Die & Fixture maintenance

Die Maintenance

MDF offers full maintenance programs for dies.  We offer services from evaluation and reset to full component and tooling replacement.  MDF can service dies to your standards while documenting maintenance performed, including recommended future repairs. 

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