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The Bradbury Group designs, manufactures, tests, and installs systems for the production of PUR/PIR/EPS and Mineral Wool sandwich panels.

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We offer Continuous and Discontinuous Insulated Metal Panel Lines.


Continuous Insulated Panel Lines

The Bradbury Group supplies continuous polyurethane-filled panel production lines from entry coil handling to exit-end packaging with preconditioning of incoming material with precision leveling and rotary embossing. Whether for the garage door market, commercial buildings, or the HVAC industry, Bradbury can meet the requirements. Our continuous line offerings include entry equipment, metal processing equipment, insulation core processing, panel cutting equipment, finished panel handling, controls & automation, and technologically advanced supporting equipment to produce industry leading panels. 

Discontinuous Insulated Panel Lines

Discontinuous production for insulated panels includes insulated wall and roof building panels, garage doors, entry doors, and refrigeration coolers. Discontinuous lines are a great alternative for limited space, lower production needs and flexibility. Equipment offered includes curved and flat panel presses, foaming equipment, metal processing equipment and more. 



From individual components to entire manufacturing systems, we have the solution for your IMP manufacturing needs. 

  • We have nine manufacturing facilities around the world with approximately 650 employees. 
  • As a Group, we process over $200 million worth of equipment each year.
  • 65% of the equipment we manufacture goes into the Metal Building industry for structural profiles, single panel skins, insulated panels, and metal roofing tiles.
  • 75 to 80% of our business is with repeat customers because they trust us to provide durable, field-proven equipment and service that is customized to meet their production needs. 
  • The Bradbury Group recognizes the importance of the insulated industry and its growth potential. We are aware of the technical challenges that arise within the industry. Because of our engineering expertise in designing custom manufacturing equipment, we offer solutions to produce the best insulated metal panels in the industry.
  • Since acquiring Hilleng, now known as Bradbury Group Australia, in 2011, The Bradbury Group has invested in the IMP market for over a decade. BGA has over fifty EPS or Mineral Wool lines in operation worldwide. 
  • We acquired Pu.Ma. and its Intellectual Property in 2014 and kept core engineers and technicians. Pu.Ma. has 250+ continuous lines in operation around the world. Pu.Ma. was at the forefront of the growth and development of the insulated panel market in Europe and Asia. We now manufacture the insulated equipment at our facility in Moundridge, KS. 
  • We have a 24/7/365 day service department with service technicians around the world to assist our customers.
  • We provide retrofits and upgrades for almost all brands of existing equipment. 
  • We offer single components and complete production systems for EPS, Mineral Wool, PU, PIR, and other core materials. 

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Michael Nuzum

Technical Sales Leader

Insulated Products

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Tony Green

Product Manager

Insulated Products

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