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Bradbury Flat Trak® CL Strip Evaluation System

  PATENT #7185519, 7461529, 8375754, 8997539

Accurate, Intuitive, and Easy to Operate!

The Bradbury Flat Trak® CL Series surface scanning technology utilizes lasers to continuously scan the surface of the strip for shape deformation. A digital representation of the surface is shown on a monitor screen. 

The Flat Trak® CL measures, displays, and makes automated adjustments to your Bradbury eDrive® leveler. All monitoring and adjustments are performed before the material is sheared with lower scrap output and flat product as a main focus 

The software analyzes the surface shape of the material to determine the location of loose material and will provide a suggestion to correct it.  Once selected by the operator, the leveler backups adjust and immediate improvement will be seen on the monitor.  If further adjustment is needed, another suggestion will appear.  Once the material is flat within I-Unit standards, the software will continuously monitor the material.  

When the material is determined flat by the operator, the control can be placed in automatic mode.  The system continues to monitor the surface shape and make automatic leveler adjustments throughout the coil in case a problem occurs.  This system will free up your most experienced operator to work on other tasks on your production line.   ThBradbury Flat Trak® CL Series surface scanning technology is on duty 24/7. 

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